I see an "84" and occasionally manage a picture of it!!
If you wish to contribute just send me the pic and location.

One of the hangars at Duxford

Why 84 ? A woodyard on the side of the freeway in Alabama

Taken from the TV during the Superbowl 3rd February 2008 when Giants beat the Patriots

Mile marker on I10 freeway going West

Again Why? A picture outside a pub in San Francisco

Route 66 mile marker between Kingman and Williams, going East.

Plenty of goodies at exit 84 on I40 in Oklahoma

Another of those woodyard signs but better shot this time in Oklahoma.

Campground site marker in Williams Arizona.

Essouira in Morocco by Pete Rushen.

Two of Erics transports at the woodyard

I especially like this one with the date and all.

Nearly Right, sent in by Pete Rushen

From Ha Noi.

Another Ha Noi, sent in by Pete Rushen

Jeffs local tip notice

Jeffs monthly consumption 

Another irrisistable photo from the A14

Rutherglen, North of Melbourne, October 2011 

Mile Marker on US1 to Key West 

Somewhere in Poland found by Pete Rushen. 

Fred Munsens Croatian Brandy 

Russia by Pete Rushen. 

Gravesend Tea Shop by Fred Munson. 

Walkers French Fries. 

Sweden by Pete Rushen. 

Found at Micro Car Museum, Boston, Lincs. 

Got special treatment this time 'cos of ticket No. 

Petes friends recovering an aircraft in Sweden. 

Fred & Margarets poultry product. Over 73g considered ExLg. 

Petes snap in Sydney, Australia. 

For this one Pete was in Canberra. 

With unknown French man outside No.84 in Bar le Duc, France. 


Traffic lights in Xian, China. 

Overhead wires for the bullet train at Nagoya, Japan. Where will 84th be next? 



For sale in York 02/02/2019.