Recent changes.

16th November 2011

During the last reunion it was muted that Rob Hunter had dropped off the radar, Rob Knotts has checked on this problem and unfortunately has had it confirmed that Rob has died. He apparently passed suddenly on 3rd November 2010, but we had no means of finding this out earlier.
If you are thinking of bumming a stay with Eric Shipley in Florida, find another place to go. He has decamped to a rowing boat (or something like that) in Belgium, so we will probably see him at the next reunion.

8th October 2011 It makes a change to have nothing to report for nearly four months, but that has been the case. Pete Rushen is still busy on his 70 things to do, and is in Oz contributing odd 84th photos and consuming vast quantities of red wine.
On a sad note we have lost yet another member of our personal clan. David Sharples of apprentice plumber fame died peacfully at home in Kings Lynn on 3rd October 2011. David changed trades in 1971 to RAF Regiment, was commissioned and left the RAF with the rank of Wing Commander.

11th June 2011 It was good to meet the old boys again at the reunion last month, and if you didn't manage to make it then let us hope you can do it next year when we are heading for Duxford. Thanks to the reunion I now have Frank Hedgecocks address again. New pages have been attached to the site for latest photographs.
Email from Mike Godfrey states
"I have got 4 CD's of the Halton Brass and Pipe Bands mixed. Jeffs son put the original together from where ever he could get the music. My friend an 81st I think has now copied Jeffs original onto two CDs for CD players and two suitable for an MP3 player (what ever that is). I did intend to bring them to the reunion but forget. Can you put some info on 'OUR' web site I dont want anything for them but I would appreciate a donation for Brain Tumour Research which I want to raise money for on behalf of Children who have had/have brain tumours. As you may remember I have been through it so what it must be like for children I hate to think."
If you are interested contact Mike direct.
Mr Munson and Mr Osbon looked very smart in their fleeces with embroidered Entry badge, if you would like one they are available in various colours by contacting Fred Munson, who has recently changed his email address. See contacts page.

11th June 2011 Dave Reeves contacted me recently and passed on his email address which I have entered onto the contacts page. Dave left us before we graduated, but completed a very successfull career in the fire service until an accident curtailed it some years ago. He is hoping to join us at the coming reunion all being well.
Mike Willett has finished his contract in China and is now back in Oz, busy fishing the rivers dry.
I have lost touch with Frank Hedgecock, neither his telephone nor email is responding, does anyone know of his whereabouts ?
One last thing, if you are coming to the reunion in July, please do let John know ASAP.

15th May 2011 Jock Jaffrays and Brian Mays email addresses changed on contacts page

25th April 2011 Dave Wood has changed his ISP so his email address has changed on the contacts page. Finally got around to publishing Pete Edwards electronic address in NZ, see contacts for that as well.

28th February 2011 Some of you may know that John is galavanting around the Antipodean and the Far East at present, you will also be aware that there has been some bumping and grinding in New Zealand. Just got a text from out there saying that everyone is fine with no damage to their houses, and that John, Kevin Mangnal and Pete Edwards have recently had an entry meeting in Petes local pub. I sure look forward to the minutes of that one.

15th February 2011 Jeff Richardson complained to his MP about the way our pensions are now calculated by the Government, no surprise in the "sod off" reply. See it here.

23rd January 2011 More sad news sent in by Brian Jones. He discovered that Andy Begg died in Trinidad and Tobago two years ago. He got a good obituary in the Trinidad Guardian which I partially quote below. Another of the "will not amount to much entry" to prove them wrong.

RAF SQUADRON LEADER ANDERSON BEGG, died peacefully on January 11, 2008. Loving husband of Judy, father of Sandra, Dianna, Andrea and Amanda Begg. Grandfather of Alyssa and Ricardo.
Anderson Begg better known as Andy was an Aviation Consultant attached to the Civil Aviation Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. Former Vice President Caribbean Star (Antigua). Director of Operations Air Caribbean. Deputy CEO and Vice President Operations- BWIA. Member, Ministry of Works & Transport Standing Aviation Advisory Committee. Andy Begg had a very long, distinguished and respected career in the aviation industry both locally and internationally.

1st January 2011 Happy New Year to everyone, here is hoping that 2011 will be good year for all of us.
Ted Hodby has come up with an email address at long last, welcome to the 21st century Ted.
Another photograph from Jeff for the unusual 84th photo page, a sign of the times I guess when the tablets come in these quantities.

One other thing gentlemen. The website has been hacked by some perverted prat who put all the links in on this page. I'm doing my best to eliminate them so do not click on any of them 'cos I have no idea where they go. They could be anything.