Recent changes.

14th February 2018
Two more of our members have unfortunately become ex members. Frank Hedgcock and Bob Ellis have died over the last year but we have only just found out.

18th January 2018 Seems to me that John Menday is doing a lot of digging at the moment. He informs me that Ted Maidment shuffled off this mortal coil in September 2016, so yet another member has bitten the dust.

12th January 2018 It is always upsetting when we discover that someone has passed away, but for some reason slightly less so when it happened a few years ago.
Dave Williams has just informed me that after much searching for a two wing buddy, he has discovered that 682480 David Taylor Baillie (Angus) died fourteen years ago in Hertfordshire on 18th June 2004. R.I.P Angus.

1st January 2018 Happy New Year to all our readers.