Recent changes.

1st January 2017 Happy New Year everyone.
It seems that all the previous information and rumours about future triennials is true, despite all the denials made at the last one. Royal Air Force Halton will be closed in 2022.

18th March 2017 Bad news I am afraid, Bob Marshall, ex rigger, and ex front of house at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St Andrews has parked his bike and gone to live in the clouds. Not much notice but his funeral will be at Cupar St Johns and Darsie Parish Church at 13:00hrs on 23rd March 2017 if anyone is in the vicinity. As far as I am aware, Bob is the first one to take this trip since 2015. Keep up the good work lads.
Dave Billings is still looking for Amelia, and is going to PNG again in June. Look at his new website at He has also changed his email address to due to circumstances beyond even his control. Good luck to him in his endevours.

28th March 2017 Over the last couple of days I have been chasing a couple of guys whose emails have been 'bouncing' for some time, and am pleased to say that they are not defunct just remiss in changing their addresses. So please guys if you or your ISP changes anything, please let me know.

14th October 2017 Please accept my apologies for the extreme delay in publishing the photographs of the last reunion, I have no excuse except extreme laziness, although I have been rather busy.

11th November 2017
As you will now know, Jeff Richardson was admitted to hospital on 2nd November, and I sent the "news" out by email. Jeff has sent me an email stating that he has received yonks of messages of goodwill which are far too many to answer in his present state, so he has asked that this message be placed on the website.

Dear all, thank you so much for all your kind remarks. I am getting on ok. I can walk, talk, read etc, it could have been so much worse., am very thankful. It seems that strokes were on offer last week so I took two! Jeff R