Recent changes.

9th November 2016
On 7th November I got an email from the service monitoring the entry website stating that it was down, a most unusual message. The message stated that the Domain could not be found so I queried that fact with the hosting company.
The fault appeared to be shared between myself and them, they had sent me an email asking for me to verify the holding data, but they sent it to an address that is defunct and has been for about 8 years. I feel sure that I had informed them of the change, but apparently not. Anyway everything is back to normal now.
Total Time on Error: 2 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes, 52 seconds. Sorry.

8th October 2016 After much slaving over a hot mouse and steaming keyboard I have managed to upload the available photographs. Brian Gillett took lots of shots throughout the day but something happened later when attempting to place them on his PC, and he lost the lot.
On the day he also gave me a stick with some photos from 2006 and 2009. These I have placed in the appropriate years reunion pages.

26th September 2016 Thanks to Brian Gillett I have been able to add 4 names to the 1 Wing 1 Sqdn photograph taken in 1956, only two more required there.

15th June 2016 Brian Cummings email; address added to the contacts list, and a warning from Margaret Munsen that her BT email address has possibly been compromised. If you need to contact Fred or Margaret use the address on the contacts page.

15th June 2016 Three email address changes have taken place, The Munsens, The Bees and the Churches. These have been reflected in the current contact page.
If you are still contemplating coming to the 60th anniversary reunion in September, contact John Horan soonest.

28th February 2016 Ah well, everyone is getting older, but we is still around so do not forget that entry in your diary for the 60th anniversary of us taking The Queens shilling. According to the news letter I have just read from Halton, the council are stating that it could be the last in the format we know. Even talk about wrapping up the association through lack of local volunteers.