Recent changes.

10th November 2014

It is with regret that I have to inform you of the passing of Mervyn Jenkins wife Esther. She died suddenly on 7th November, and as you can imagine Merv is devastated. We wish him well, and hope to see him in July next year.

11th August 2014 I apologise for the time gap between the reunion and now, but I had a major "cock up" with my PC and lost almost everything. It is amazing what you cannot do when administration rights are lost.
Anyway a good reunion with a few less people, probably because it were oop North. Yow Sutherners must be afraid of the Watford Gap. We had fantastic weather and it was rather warm, so no standing on ceremony, casual gear both evenings.
I decided not to choose pictures this year but to publish all that I had, so I split them into days.
If you look carefully at the photo of the AGM, you will see coasters with the 84th logo on them. These were provided by John Braybrooks son-in-law, he can put any logo or photograph on coasters or table mats, contact John for prices.

25th June 2014 Another of our entry has emerged from obscurity and made contact. Peter Simkins describes himself as a Luddite, having just immersed himself in computerese, mind you I am still waiting for a reply to my questions. Let us hope he finds his keyboard soon.

23rd June 2014 No news was good news until I returned from a holiday, opened my email and found that one of our number had gone on his last parade. Lawrence (Joe) Knowles who we last saw in 2002 died on 16th May 2014.
It is all a little bit ironic that we are having the reunion in Salford and Joe lived in Manchester.
Hey Ho, will see them wot is going in four weeks time.

13th January 2014 Let us all have a damn good year in this 2014, and hope that we get many more bodies at this years reunion. Diary entry should read 26th and 27th of July.