Recent changes.

14th October 2013

Well that was the second triennial to be held on Henderson Square and in the Burton Drill Facility. From a personal point of view, I cannot say that I enjoyed the experience as much as when it was held on the airfield, but who am I to resist change. Maybe it is just the grumpy old man in me.
It was good to see the guys who do attend, and not just our own entry. I was told by a committee man that approximately 900 were expected, and the sunset ceremony seemed to bear that out.
I have quite pleasant memories of marching to Airfields all those years ago, how things have changed, I only just managed to walk (stagger) to the RAFA club for a final reunion with a couple of Spitfires.....
Another 84th has contacted me by email in the form of Mike Horton, I have no idea what he has been doing for the past 57 years, but will no doubt find out in due course. His address has been added to the contacts page.
Finally, thanks to Eddie Bevan for sending me a load of photos of the day, this body forgot to take his camera, and non of our others apparently had one either.

29th August 2013 Just a couple more photographs have been added to the ones with 84 in them, and to remind you that it is only 3 weeks to the triennial at Halton.

14th July 2013 Dave Hammond, Eddie Bevan and Bill Sherman have all changed their email addresses for one reason or another, changes have been reflected in the contacts page on the website.
Pete Rushen has added to his bucket list and been to Russia again, finding an 84th on some street or other in St Petersberg, so it has been added to the webpage.
Do not forget that the triennial is almost upon us, and that means our annual reunion, send John the data and come along.

22nd March 2013 Sods law just grabbed me, no sooner had I updated the site than a message came from John Horan. He has been away for ages and has only just opened his email. Turns out Mrs Randall sent him an email a month ago telling him of the passing of her husband William who we knew as Bill Randall of the easy last four, 2222. Bill died on 22nd February this year no further details are available.

20th March 2013OK so what has happened over the last 3 months, not a lot really but have changed a few things on the website.
Roger Haylett has been sending a few photos in, and to my shame I did not use them straight away, however I have now managed to get them all uploaded and they are there on the photographs page for all to view. He is a bit mystified over a few names but there are those of us who never seem to forget, so watch this space.
Some time ago John H sent me a load of non-copywritten aerial shots of the National Arboretum after the grove had been modified. These I have published in full on the photograph page with its own heading.
Eddie Bevan found the site and has been in touch, he is mooching around in South Africa having worked for SAA for the last million years, he also tells me that he lives only five miles from Keith Cresswell, and in spite of him pointing Keith at the the site, that man has not been in touch yet....shame. Bill Jones (198) found us as well, and has said he will be going to the triennial this year. His email address is on the contact page so if you wish to go to Boston, Lincs, grab a coffee from him there.
I have also been in touch by telephone with Alf Painting who will be passing on his email address as soon as his daughter fixes his laptop.
Links on the Other websites page have been noted as not working, Pete Rushen has changed his server which is why that was not operating, now fixed.
John Winns efforts for Kristin School in NZ have been taken over by a professional company and he has decided to take his personal site off the internet, his email is still the same though, and he is still the paid Archivist at Kristin School.
Alan Mudge, an ex 86th armourer kindley sent in two photographs from 1961 of Dave Sharples at the bomb dump in Tengah. Dave later remustered as RAF Regiment, retiring I believe as a Wing Commander, before dying last year just prior to the last reunion which he was aiming to attend.
Lastly but definitely not least, Mick Church sent in a missive about his first posting where he was the clandestine rigger, well illustrated by Rob Knotts, and Rob himself sent in his experiences as a member of "The Kipper Fleet". Both can be found under "Other Websites" from the front page.

1st January 2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY. May I wish you health wealth and happiness for the forthcoming year, and like last year, none of our number leave us for the happy hunting ground