Recent changes.

31th December 2012

Hey diddly ho, the end of another year, time to write the new pages for 2013.

11th December 2012 Added a few more photographs that Mike Church sent me shortly after the reunion, doesn't time go by fast when one is doing nothing in particular, sorry for the delay.
On the up side we have another "returnee". Mick Godfrey sent me Eddie Bevans email address, turns out he is living happily in South Africa after a lifetime of service to South African Airways, (his address is on the contacts page). Further to that it seems that the rumours of a couple of years ago that Keith Creswell had shuffled off the planet are incorrect. Eddie tells me that he lives about 5 miles from him in SA, so have asked him to kick ass and have him contact me.

27th September 2012 Well the reunion went down a treat, not as many a previous occasions but pleasant never the less. The weather was very good to us and Pete Rushen did us very proud with the access to Duxford. Personally I fulfilled an ambition I had held for a long time, a walk around and through Concorde. The last time I was at Duxford that particular hangar was closed for some reason. One comment I will make, it may be that we will all have to take out a loan for drinks if the price of beer keeps going up. Heres to the Triennial next year. SIZE="+1">

5th July 2012

Those of you who have explored this site will have come across Dave Billings write up on his 18 year search for Amelia Earhart, who crashed in 1937.
He has managed to obtain two metal detectors from a patron in the USA. As to funding, the East New Britain Project has now been put on "Indiegogo", which is a public funding website and can be seen here, hopefully this will raise the considerable monies required to carry out an "in depth" search. Dave is asking if we as entry personnel would care to contribute, terms and conditions etc. can also be found HERE. Contributions can only be accepted in US dollars, so the use of Paypal is recommended gentlemen. Come on spend a few bob of your pension on a good cause.
To have another look at Daves site about Amelia enter into your browser, or click here.

Another plea for help has come from Rob Knotts. Most of you will be aware that he has written about his brat life, and that it has been published on this site.
He has now started a new project documenting our first tour out of Halton. His words to me were :-
Following my lengthy treatise about life as a Trenchard Brat I'm moving onto describing Life in the First Tour. The idea is to inject some humour but also to highlight hiccups made and lessons learnt. What I also would like to do is to add experiences of others; names will be kept secret, experiences should not be. What aircraft did you work on? What were they like to work on? What major things impacted on you in your first tour? What mistakes, if any, did you make and what lessons did you learn from them?
So if you would like to contribute in any way shape or form, please send your missive directly to Rob at

I have added a couple of photographs to the unusual 84th photos part of the site. These were sent in by Fred Munsen and Pete Rushten, who found them on their travels.

3rd June 2012 Blimey, six months since the last amendment to our website. The one good thing about that is that I have not had to report any departures.
Rob has changed his wording slightly about his joining with the rest of us in 1956. Unfortunately he sent it to me in PDF format, and this is the first time I have published anything on the web in this style. Took me a while to get my head around it, the story is just over 5 Mb, so takes a while to load, but bear with it and enjoy.

2nd January 2012 Happy New Year everyone, three great events to look forward to this year. Her Majesties Jubilee, the Olympics and our next reunion near Duxford in September, which I hope lots of you have decided to come to. Plus of course our individual birthdays, and may these long continue.
One of our number contacted Jeff Richardson just before Christmas, Alan Mead of Halton plumbing fame apologised for taking so long to get in touch, also for not completing his apprenticeship, his contact email has been listed on the contacts page.
Rob Knotts has written a rather amusing tale about his life as a brat and onwards, this I have published in the My Service Career area under "Other Websites" from the main page.