Recent changes.

13th October 2009

Apologies gentlemen for taking so long to publish the post reunion photographs, not exactly laziness, but pretty close to it.
Paddy Gibson has changed his email address to a decent one, and another member has just made contact through JR. Peter Harper has found us after all this tiime, he has been living in Spain for the past seven years, both email addresses have been added to the contacts page.
You may not be aware that Fred Munson decided to have a heart attack whilst in London, he recovered from that, and is now recovering from a triple bypass. Also on the health front, Ian Blunt is making good progress after the operation that kept him away from this years reunion,but not exactly enjoying the chemo. Keep up the good work chaps.

3nd September 2009 Well where do I start after a two month break ? Did you miss the reunion? It was a really good one, and that is not just my opinion, I heard that muted a few times during the weekend, well done John, and thank you.
54 of us met up on the Friday from far and wide and enjoyed the museums, manors and messes that were on the agenda, it would have been more, but Ian Blunt was dragged into hospital at the last minute, (he is getting better), and Mike Godfrey decided not to travel just in case his ailments multiplied. As an aside, Mike would like advertise the great support he recieved 'locally' from Jeff Richardson and 'postal' support from Mervyn Jenkins and John Braybrook.
We had good weather, good food, a fine location and to top it off some brilliant company. All in all a very good weekend.
I apologise for the lack of photographs of the reunion, as it 'appens, my camera went on the blink and I am waiting for all the available photos to be sent to me, I have a few but up to this point in time I haven't received a bundle from Mr Horan, and these are critical for me to identify who is who in the groups. It will be about another two weeks before I get around to the photo's.
Finally, Tony Welch and Paddy Gibson have changed their email addresses and I have altered the contacts page.
A couple of people at the reunion asked for the code for the "clock", well I have forgotten who they were (sorry), so if you care to contact me by email I will do the honours.

21st June 2009 Just bad news I'm afraid. Dave "Benny" Price has died after a long fight against myeloid leukaemia. He passed away last Monday and the funeral is at Portchester Crematorium (near Fareham in Hampshire) on Friday 26 June at 1:30 if anyone is close enough. Dave really loved his music and was for a long time responsible for the Petersfield Orchestra Website. He will be sadly missed.

16th May 2009 Neville Goward is moving back to the UK soon and has changed his email address, Contacts page has been updated. Don't forget to get your booking and money in to John, the numbers are coming on fine.

14th April 2009 Fred Munsen informs me that Mick Rogers has left Australia for good, he sadly died of yet another heart attack on 12th April.

12th April 2009 A couple of guys have come up with the same name for the missing body on Brian Singletons photograph, it appears that it is Kit Pitcher.
We have lost another of our guys to the big "C", George Crozier died on the 29th January of this year, and will no doubt be sadly missed by his family.
One more thing gentlemen, please spare a thought for David Price who is, unfortunately, still rather unwell. He is still receiving hospital treatment but is now at home. He would rather not receive phone calls at the moment for those who have his number. For those who feel they can a few prayers would not go amiss.
Mike Willet has changed his email address again, please see contacts for the correct one.

27th March 2009 Brian Singleton and Phill Horton sent in a few photographs that they discovered whilst "spring cleaning", these have been added to the Pictures area of the website.
The latest news letter has been sent out to all the people we know of, but if you know differently, please do contact myself or John for a copy. In the letter it asks that you send in the loot for the reunion as soon as possible, please comply to prevent John having a financial heart attack.

22nd Febuary 2009 A small change to the "Others" page, Pete Rushen has changed the URL for his family site and (mis)adventures.
Thats all folks - watch this space.

1st January 2009 Nothing to report guys, except that time is passing and it appears to be 2009.
Happy New Year.