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Recent changes.

11th December 2008

Pete Rollings has changed his email address and it has been changed on the contacts page.
Mike Godfrey was a little bored the other day and was browsing the old photos on the website. He came up with Colin Taylors name after all this time, seems he has not caught the C-Nile virus yet.

24th November 2008 After a lot of searching via email and telephone to Australia looking for Mike Willett, it appears that he has not fallen off the planet, but has got himself a job in China. I do not know who told him I was looking, but I am glad they did. His email address has been reinstated on the contacts page, so if you are off to China, send him a note.
I have decided to only have one contact email address, so if you are using "" please amend your address book to read "". The other one will be operational for a while, but will eventually fade away.

12th November 2008 John received an email from a lady who has been getting letters for Ted Mullinger, it seems that she has lived in the house for two years and that it was empty for two years before that. So if you read this Ted, please get in touch, or if anyone else knows his whereabouts, let me know.
On a brighter note, Dave Price has been in touch with Mick Godfrey, and I publish part of that email.
"Yes indeed I ain't been in the best of health. I was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia back in August and have spent most of the time since having batches of chemotherapy - not a thing I recommend for a fun night out - worse than a hangover from the Gut! I'm home for a short break after the full second batch and awaiting my blood and bone marrow levels to improve before the next round of treatment. Whatever happens the treatment seems to go on for life now though hopefully at ever widening intervals."
I read a great deal of optimism in his reply, and I am sure we all wish him the very best.

20th October 2008 Jeff Richardson and Tony Tarney have changed their email addresses, see contacts page for details.

15th October 2008 You may have read in the news letter from Halton that the RAFHAAA website has moved to a new domain, this has now been reflected in our own links on the "Others" page.
Long time sinility has struck again, I forgot to mention that I was contacted by Brian Wilson (519) who came from the 82nd for passout with us. His address has been added to the contacts page for anyone to use.

8th October 2008 The latest newsletter from John has been sent out, so if you did not get a copy via email, please let me know and I will remedy the situation.
Peter (Crewey) Dawson has changed his email address, and I have altered the contacts page.

27th September 2008 So those that wanted gathered at the Park Hotel in Shifnal, Shropshire on the afternoon of the 20th. Some had come via the Arboretum, some visited the new Cold War Museum at Cosford to see some iconic aircraft, whilst others absorbed the sunshine accompanied by a pint or two. At five o'clock sharp, well 10 past actually, we gathered for what turned out to be quite a lively meeting.
This started with a toast to Absent Friends for which Mike Brundle had yet again donated a princely sum in memory of his brother John who died in 1962. After a general preamble about who wanted to take over what job, with no volunteers, and the reading of apologies we went straight into the suggestions for next years BIG 50 reunion.
As I said above it was quite a lively discussion, and you will have to wait for the newsletter to arrive to find out the result, but I am sure that John will not be long in producing that.
Thirty of us sat down to a very pleasant dinner, and as you can imagine a few beverages, with the sounds of the top selling records from the weeks of 1958 playing in the background.

3rd September 2008 After nagging Forces Reunited for some information on how they contact people, I have finally got a result. Mervyn Jenkins of 3 Wing and plumber fame contacted me with his email address, and has expressed an interest in next years 50th anniversary. Still no word from the other four, but I wait in hope
Please note Derek Cox has changed his email address.
I am sure I have mentioned the Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal before, this is being issued by the Malasian Government to British veterans and others who served in operations in Malaya/Malaysia between August 1957 and August 1966, for more info look at This has been brought to light by the fact that Phil Horton has actually received his, and very nice it looks too. It appears to be a bit "hit and miss" as to when you will actually receive the medal once approved as a recipient.

27th August 2008 After sending out the recent newsletter from John, I had a number of bounces from email addresses. Some had been happening for some time but I was hoping that they would somehow come good. However I have unfortunately had to delete them from the email listing, and in some cases we have no other means of contact. The guys in question are :- Andy Begg, Mick Burns, Colin Casling, Neville Goward, Ernie Slaney and Malcolm Wood.
However there is an up side as well, due to my inefficiency I had neglected to put some guys on the contacts page and this has now been remedied. So the guys added are Peter Bradsworth, Horace Chong Tai, Chris Ferris and Alf Painting. Sorry guys!

19th August 2008 Len Webster contacted me with his email address and other details after finding the website, so another success for the internet. Rob Knott is finally retiring at the end of the month and has changed his email address and Piers DeLegh has changed his after having "comms problems".

11th August 2008 Roger Haylett finally succumbed to the pleas in the letter from John and sent me his email address. He says that it is hardly worth him coming to a reunion, 'cos he left so early and cannot remember anyone, perhaps emails from people who remember him will change his mind.
Sad news as well, Dave Price has a serious illness and has to go into hospital immediately, no further details. His email address has been changed temporarily on the contacts page if you wish to get hold of him.
I did a search on Forces Reunited and came up with the following guys.
James Coombes (JIM)
Robert Hunter (TAB)
Mervyn Williams Jenkins
Peter Warburton (PETE) and
Harry Wilson.
I sent them all an email via Forces Reunited but have had no response, if anyone can help please do so.

17th June 2008 Fred Finlay is about to finish his contract in Jordon, so his email address has changed back to his Yahoo one, see contacts page.
Some more 84 photos added to the unusual page.
Found an error on the next reunion timing clock, and adjusted the same.
Fixed a problem which gave you Bill Shermans biography instead of photographs.

2nd June 2008 Les Phillips has finally made into the 21st century and has purchased a PC, he has even managed the intricacies of the internet and has got an email address. See the contacts page for this and Derek Phoenix new addresses.
I have finally returned to the UK to find that my major PC is dead. Please bear with me for the news letter from John until I remove Vista from the new one and do a complete rehash. My apologies to Pete Rushen who sent in an "84" photograph, it is on a HDD that I cannot read at present, but it will happen - watch this space.

11th April 2008 Please note that John Horans email address has changed to, and the fact that he has finally "gone broadband". Changed on contacts page.

6th April 2008 I regret having to report that another of our members has been on parade for the last time, Mick Glasspoole died in his sleep on 7th March, the rememberance page has been updated.

Roger Martin has changed his email address, and that too has been changed on the contacts page

24th February 2008 Fred Munsen notified me of his email address change, this has been altered on the contacts page.
Have added a whimsical page to the photographs area. Was seeing a good few "84th" as I travelled around so decided to open a page for them. If you have any you wish to be published, send me a copy with where it is located, and I will put it on the page.

19th January 2008 Bill Shermans potted service history added to "My Service Career" area.
Photos of Aldbury Royal British Legion stone erected with monies donated at Podges memorial service, added to photos page.

29th December 2007 Just you have a very happy and prosperous New Year.
So watch this space, and keep the paracetamol handy.