13th December 2004 Neville Gowards and Bob Collars email addresses changed. Questionaire about where when what type of reunions YOU require sent out by email to all known recipients. If you didn't get one, please let the webmaster know and I will try and do it properly thisa timea.
Have completely lost contact with Joe Knowles, does anyone know where he is? No email or telephone contact !!!
Finally, have added another 84th brat webpage URL on the "Other" page. One David Billings Esq. of Badge fame has written up his ardent search over the last ten years, but I warn you that if you do not have broadband, it will pay to down load it to your PC, and read it at your leisure

5th December 2004 Have just heard from Bryan Hyland that Roy Perkins died on 1st December from asbestosis brought on by contact with the stuff whilst we were at Halton.
Sorry guys forgot to change Dick Leonards email on the contacts page but it has been done now.
I have also treated myself to Broadband and changed mine to The reason being that in 3 short weeks I will be retiring, and the company one will become defunct, it is OK until December 24th but after that only the one above will be operational

20th November 2004 Jeff Richardson, Dick Leonard and Mike Willett have changed their email addresses, Contacts page updated. Have a look at Mikes site (link on the "Others" page), he is now Big Chief Town Crier so lots of tears in that part of Australia!
Photo of Podge sunning himself at his local bar in France added to the Expats page.
A few names added to 3 Wing Tring Station photograph, Bob Ellis providing most of them and I could remember a few.

30th October 2004 Kevin Mangnall and Tony Welch have changed their email addresses, updates on contact page. Names added to group photograph of last reunion, one more photo added courtesy of Geoff Newman. Old photographs from Bob Ellis and Kevin Mangnall added to appropriate page. Correct URL for Stratford reunion added.
Retirees will be happening thick and fast now so be prepared for some hectic email address changes. Watch this space!

17th October 2004 First an apology for taking so long to update the site after the Triennial. 'er indoors insisted that I accompany her on a holiday just after, forcing me to endure temperatures of up to 37 degrees celcius, and to drink cheap wine. I am only just recovering, but have managed to knock up a few bits and pieces. Super reunion, really enjoyed myself and the resultant pictures are on the new web pages under Reunions - 2004. They have not been embelished (yet) and I am sure that there will be a few more to come.
Alan Miles is back on the email contact list, together with two new ones. I met Pat O'Shea and Mike Vincent at the reunion and they gave me their contact addresses. There was some discussion about the reunion for the 50th anniversary of our joining, and you will no doubt be receiving a letter or email shortly. At the same time as I post this to the web I will be sending out Johns report on the 25th in Word form, anyone who doen't get it via email please contact me at the usual address. This address will be changing in a couple of months because the company has offered (and I have accepted) a slightly earlier retirement. I will be contacting all directly and changing the data on the website when required.

5th September 2004 Not long now lads, I will have to give some practice to my drinking arm. Len Pettit has been added to the email contacts, and Michael Godfrey finally remembered who he had his arm around in one of the photographs he sent in ages ago.

15th August 2004 Two more photographs on the Expat page, one of Robin Jones and t'other of Derek Phoenix, both live in Canada, so anyone going there give them a bell.
Sad news is that John Candish has gone on his last flight, and has joined those already on the deceased page.
Eric Shipley has changed his email address again so use the one on the contacts page if you need him.
Les Eva has been removed from the email list, he has retired and and is not literate enough to have his own PC, so it is now snail mail for him.
So there are only 23 of us going to the coming reunion. Nothing new there then, it amazes me that we can only raise 10% of those that passed out in 1959, when other entries can raise 30% to 40% for this one day in the year, however I enjoy myself and look forward to meeting those who will be there.
P.S. If you are coming make sure you are on time, John says the bus is leaving exactly on time at 11:00hrs

11th June 2004 Bob Ellis found us, well he sent a letter to John, so now we have his address but no email yet, maybe later.
The link to the Cranwell Apprentice site run by Klif has been re-established, and a couple of email addresses changed on the contact page.

30th April 2004 Yet another one of us has returned to the fold, John Smith found the website whilst browsing the wonderful web, his electronic address has been added to the contacts page.
Have also added a new URL to the "Others" websites. Peter Rushen has been scribing his life since 1940, and I at least found it interesting, so have a look.

30th March 2004 E-mail address for Ian Dakers added. Bob Collars email amended to correct address. Nuther expats photo added. Reunion details placed on page. Links removed to Cranwell Apprentice website - links no longer work.

7th March 2004 An unfortunate fact of life is that there is more and more Spam on the internet, some programs search websites for email addresses. It is with regret therefore that I have changed the contacts page. The links will still open your email to send a new message, but if you attempt to send it out into the ether you will be shown that the address does not exist. This due to the fact that the "@" sign has been replaced with a double plus "++" sign. Reverse the action in your address line and all will be well.
Added a reciprocal link to Comrades and Colleages on "Other Websites" page at request of their webmaster.
Will be seeing John soon, he will be passing on data reference the reunion so details will be published soon.

12th February 2004 The website really appears to be paying off. Alec Andrew sent me an email with his address etc after finding us whilst browsing, he has now been added to the contacts listing and his name has changed colour on the listing page. Small modification to the full listing of names in as much as Neville Goward has been given his service number at last. Finally have changed the caption on "More Passout Pics" to include the credit to one Billings of Oz.

24th January 2004 Peter Cook found us via the website, that makes 174 who we know the whereabouts of. Maybe we will get more than the usual 2 dozen guys at the next reunion - who knows ?

15th January 2004 Added Bruce Naylor to the known bodies in the listing, lost his address after last reunion in Stratford. Barry Wears and George Thomas found courtesy of Bill Brindle. George Waterman found by Pete Wildish in Colchester - in a Jazz club not the nick. Annotated JRP Anderson as "Deceased" in listings and on Remembrance page, info from Ken Rowe. I spoke with Dick Roden the other day, and although he has lost electronic contact, the good news is that he has beaten the cancer he was diagnosed with some 4 years ago.