Changes 2003.

14th December 2003 Having got over my jealousy bit I have finally added a link to Colin Beales holiday shots that he took in Bali, go to the second expats page.
I have found six more guys since receiving the InfoUK cd, unfortunately these were the simple to find, only being a few with those names. The size of the printouts for "Smith" is amazing.
The guys just found are Arbon-Davies, Montford, Tipping Wickenden, Kirby and Brockman, all in the UK. The listing and contacts pages have been updated to reflect the changes.
Have a good Christmas gentlemen.

24th November 2003 Two email addresses changed and Pete Adams new one in Bavaria added. Couple of captions added to Norman Brogdens photographs courtey of Mike Brundle and Dave Billings.
Did anyone else notice that the England Rugby Captain, (of the winning World cup team), gained his 84th cap in the final ?

10th October 2003 Addition of 2nd Expat page, couple of photos added to "Old Photographs", Gordon Monteath added to email, more photies added to 2003 reunion shots.
Pete Adams temporarily removed from contact by email 'cos he has moved house. If you have difficulty contacting me via my Oceaneering email address, due to company policies, you can try "" or "". I check these on a reasonably regular basis but do not expect an immediate reply from them. I had to change the counter from "", they started to charge for the service. If you want to see the stats for the site now, left click on the CQCOUNTER LOGO above the menus.

1st August 2003 Addition of all data and photographs in my possession at this time of the 2003 reunion.
Change of names in "Xmas 56" photograph in "Old Photographs"

27th June 2003 Not a lot been happening, a couple of email address changes and a couple more people found. Unfortunately the mail I sent out recently bounced back from a few places.
This is no doubt due to telling an ISP to "stuff it" then failing to send me the change of address.

20th May 2003 Ian Blunt changed his email address, he can't escape that easily!!

8th April 2003 Couple of changes to names on John Gilberts photos. Added Mike Willetts website, and a page showing the Expats as they are now !!
I have sent a mail to most but PLEASE NOTE that my email address has changed. It is now "", use this address in all future communications.

24th March 2003 John Gilberts photos added to "Old Photographs". I need names for the guys in 2 Wing 1 Squadron Photograph, it will probably fall to Mr (memory) Billings to oblige.
Do Not forget to check out the Weally Wanted.

18th March 2003

Sorting through my photographs for other things I found a few shots from 1996, so have put them in the appropriate place. Jerry Webb has sent me the names of the bodies outside Block 6. Have added a "We Want You" page at the request of John Menday, anyone else who really wants to track down an individual can have it added.

9th March 2003 Mike (Fred) Willetts email added to contacts, if you are going to Victoria look him up.
I am disappointed, I have had total of seven emails returned when attempting to send the details of the forthcoming reunion. (See Contacts page) Only three reasons spring to mind. Absolute sinility, death or the PC defunct. The latter is not really an excuse 'cos you can always use the local library, it is usually free, well ours is.
Bill Sherman has departed these shores for warmer climes and unfortunately will not be able to make the July reunion.
Dave Billings is going hunting for a special aeroplane, and if he succeeds he will be coming to the next but one reunion.
John Gilbert has made contact and offered photographs from 56/59 so look out for more soon.

14th February 2003

Fred Willets name added to 3 wing photo (N0 63).
New page added via "Old Photographs" heading containing the Passout Program. This includes the names of the bodies who got school colours at sport, those who insisted that we should shuffle around the Parade Ground smartly. and who got what at the end.
It was pointed out to me by Kevin Mangnal that the link to Derek Pheonix is not working with E-Mail. The address includes an ampersand which is why Outlook doesn't like it, look at the bottom of your browser screen when hovering over Dereks name to get his address, then use it in the normal fashion.
One further thing to look out for is a change in my e-mail address. I do not know at this time when it will happen, or what it will be. OIS has been bought by the Oceaneering Group and multiple changes are under way, I will attempt to give as much notice as possible but forwarned is forarmed.

6th January 2003


Mick Burns found by Fred Munson and added to email contacts page.
Due to American immigration constraints the Flight School in Florida run by Eric Shipley and his wife Margaret, has had to close. He aint down though, look at the new site called Link added to others page.