Changes 2002.

27th November 2002

55th website access placed in dropdown on "Others" page.

28th October 2002

It is "Good News Week". Contrary to what the Plymouth local paper says, Colin Beale has been found alive and living in Melbourne, Australia. Information from Phil Stevens (86th Secretary). We have his address and telephone number if you are interested.
Colin Beale remove from Deceased listing.
Halton Site Map and Aerial photograph added to "Old Pictures" page.

21st October 2002

Paddy Gibsons email addresses added.

8th October 2002

Geordie (Ken) Little added to Deceased page, information from 83rd website. Couple of new email addresses added together with new photograph from Dave Bowles. More names added to 3 Wing photo courtesy of Bill Sherman and guys on Tring Station with Flag named by Dave Billings. Two more entry websites (83rd and 102nd) added to "Others" page

16th September 2002

More names added to 3 Wing photograph. John Gent added to Deceased page.

Another photo added to "Old Photographs" , Mr Richard Leonard, Mike Godfrey and Bill Shermans photographs added on picture page. Pete Symonds Trade changed 'cos he got upset at being called a dipstick.


3 photies added to "Old Photographs" , John Winns an Joe Knowles contributions added on picture page. Mr Robsons Trade changed.

6th August 2002

July Reunion photographs added. More names added to 3 Wing photograph. Deceased page amended. Slight changes to other pages. Still having problems with Bob Collar and Frank Lee via email, anyone know why ?

5th July 2002

Yet more names added to 3 Wing photograph courtesy of Dave Price.

13th June 2002

More names added to 3 Wing photograph courtesy of Dave Billings.

6th June 2002

A few names added to 3 Wing photograph courtesy of Fred and Margaret Munson.

21th May 2002

Martin McArthur found by Bryan Hyland, his e-mail added to contacts. Billings insisted on threat of personal injury that I change the bit about the sleeve backing disk colours on the Badges page.

14th May 2002

Added photographs from Pete Rushen, Dave Billings and Fred Munson.
New e-mail addresses added, some "e" addresses changed - check out the Contacts page - we now have 65 electronic contacts.

26th April 2002
Added multiple names of guys who came down from senior entries. Thanks to Dave Billings who appears to be the only one who has read the listing. How they didn't get imported from the database in the first place I don't know.
Jim Robson and John Menday are working well at finding bodies too. Andy Proosts tel # and the address of John Candish in Texas.
Bill Shermans email address has changed.

20th March 2002
Added the unfortunate demise of John Humphrey to Deceased, who died dancing 12/03/2002
Added Jim Robson and A.Proost to listings together with Jim Robsons email address

13rd March 2002
Added Pete Rushens home site and changed Robin Jones email address

3rd March 2002
New Brat websites added on Other Sites page. Quite amazed and pleased at the number ofnew sites since I added the dropdown. 18 new ones in total.
July reunion data added

24th February 2002
Bryan Hyland + Eric Shipley mail address change.

12th February 2002
Addition of email addresses of Jerry Webb and Brian Jones.
Brian asks if anyone can confirm/deny the death of K Cresswell.

23th Jan 2002
Addition of 2 more email addresses. Chris Ferris and Brian Hore (Now total 52)
Notification that Dave Field (Engines) Died about 1970