Below is a letter to a national paper which could be of great interest to many of you about FORCES PENSIONS.

Did you serve in the Armed forces between 1949 and 1975 and complete LESS than 22 years service and NOT get a pension? If you are one of these you may be able to get a pension based on the number of completed years. The HM Armed Forces Pensions Action Group will shortly be having its case heard in the High Court. Only members of the above group will be represented by a firm of solicitors. If any reader is interested please contact Richmonds Solicitors (Attention Holly Richmond) at 34A High Street. Keynsham. Bristol. BS31 1DQ. 0117 986 5715, or e-mail

NOTE:- This will apparently cost you approximately 300 "up front" rather than a percentage if they win, Eric checked.

John Winn asks if anyone remembers the toothpaste trial, and if so any amusing anecdotes, in fact he asks if it would be worth having a "scrapbook thingy" on the site to display our exploits.
I vaguely remember one about a guy in 13 or 14 Block who had a rash in a delicate place. He woke in the night and rubbed in what he thought was the cream from the quack. Unfortunately it was the stuff from the white tube with a "K" on the cap. He spent a considerable amount of time in the ablutions scrubbing off the peppermint after a very quick sprint down the dormitory
Any more answers please to webmaster.

Very Late News (from 1956)
A snippet of information came to light when we were well into our cups on the Saturday evening of our 2002 reunion.
It was regarding the reason why the 76th (our senior Entry as you will remember) did not have Lewis the Goat on their Passout Parade.
It seems that two of our members painted him (Lewis) pink on the evening before, and the powers that be could not remove the colour prior to the parade.
It seems that no one suspected that the junior entry could be responsible for such a dastardly deed.
I do know the names of the persons involved, but only copious amounts of beer and other inducements would make it worth my while to reveal them, even after all this time, though they can own up direct to the 76th if they wish!

Alternative captions for picture of Ken in 2000 reunion pictures.
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Photo of the Great Moat House breakout seconds before discovery of Escape Tunnel by Management.
or ....I had three panels when I started.