All of these pictures were submitted by Eric Shipley, and occasionally he knew who they are.

Rollings,Simmonds,Sharples,Leonard, Shipley
Hammond, Flynn, Ferris
C/T Crinson

Whose Birthday ? or Any Excuse

Eric Shipley sometimes beat the drum
instead of the table !

Saturday Morning Exercises

Erics escape machine BSA 250cc
and my first motorbike

Rediffusion House with Slim Turner
The Snoop with the silent feet

After swimming in Aylesbury

?, ?, Cyril Fletcher, Eric Shipley, Bob Marshall and Roy Edwards

and they played football too

Three Cocks
Pete, Painting & Andy

Where the hell did Sid Hibberd keep this

John Plimmer - Dan Dare + Something

A look out of 14-4's window

Eric Shipley and Bob Marshall lazing around in Aylesbury.

Barrington Kennet Football Winners at Locking

1989 Triennial